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Movement is Life, Life is Movement 

Jenny Gillan-Powell fell in love with Pilates while receiving her BFA in Dance Performance from Southern Methodist University. After graduation, Jenny completed her first Pilates Apparatus and Mat Certification from The Lab in Dumbo, Brooklyn and has been teaching since 2011. Jenny received an additional Classical Comprehensive Certification from Power Pilates in 2018 as a bridge student. Jenny is also a graduate of the Functional Anatomy for Movement and Injuries Workshop at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City. 


Dancing since the age of three, and swimming since the age of five, Jenny has always been a mover. She understands movement as the universal language of health. It's quite simple, the body and mind are always happier and healthier when moving. Jenny uses the Pilates method to offer skills that protect, stabilize, strengthen, and balance the body from the inside out. 


Jenny's energetic and positive teaching method provides an environment of growth, progress, and encouragement. She strives to challenge her clients while safely monitoring correct form and alignment. Pilates with Jenny will offer you valuable information and body awareness she hopes you will use in every step of life and not just in the studio.


Jenny has danced professionally over the past ten years and loves swimming, spinning, and is still working on her relationship with running (it’s complicated). Jenny currently has a NYC half marathon and two NY triathlons under her belt. Yes, she swam in the Hudson!

After twelve years in New York City, Jenny is thrilled to return to her home state of Texas to continue her teaching journey in Austin. She is joining the Equinox team as the founding Pilates Manager and a Group Fitness Instructor in Fall 2019. 


Jenny understands the need for cross training and loves working with beginner movers all the way to professional athletes. She is passionate about Pilates being accessible to all fitness levels and enjoys presenting the method in a welcoming manner! 

Movement is life, life is movement! 


I am quite a bit past my prime chronologically (70’s), but sessions with Jenny make me feel like my prime is within reach. I trust Jenny’s consistent ability to be keenly observant, to work safely, and to give me clear yet gentle corrections. She directs me in ways which simultaneously integrate images of lengthening, lifting, sinking (ribs), opening, and widening, while avoiding images that might promote tension. All of this is strengthening my core, and keeping me fit to work full time as a teacher, and to feel young. 


Roselle M.



The Pilates Method 


Pilates is a system designed to strengthen, stabilize, stretch, and improve mobility and alignment of the body. The apparatus was built by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century to aid in teaching and assisting the client to experience and feel the work. Joseph Pilates called his method "Contrology" and believed the client needed to focus the "mind, body, and spirit" to fully benefit from the exercises. Pilates will offer many tools to help find ultimate control over your movements and correct poor posture habits. 

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